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Collection Miia Magia nu hos Many Things

Collection Miia Magia nu hos Many Things

Rather than just stand and stare down at the broken mirrored facets on the dance floor, the sight of the fallen disco ball inspired Miia Magia. She imagined what the bits would look like, resembled around the neck. “Sibelius”, one of her most distinctive necklaces was the result.

Miia’s striving for perfection is at the heart of her design philosophy. Her jewellery collections flicker with the strength, flexibility, agility, balance and style that made her a successful teenage gymnast and talented dressmaker. The excellence of her approach means that, each piece carries her signature that has the flexibility to mark women out as softly feminine or more masculine.

Since first working with tirettes and crystals, she has approached jewellery design as a work of art, which is why each individual piece is the very definition of unyielding excellence. Whether you like crystal, zinc plated steel, zippers or satin, Miia has something to compliment your look.

As is evident from that broken disco ball, Miia insists that she finds beauty everywhere and make it an essence of style for women. Her jewellery offers the chance to share a piece of her enchanting world and you are invited.

Many Things

Miia Magia

Publicerad: 20 mars, 2017 10:47

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