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Ice Scraper – Swedish Ice Scraper

Ice Scraper – Swedish Ice Scraper

Every Swedish Ice Scraper® is laser-cut from a solid plate of 5 mm mat finished Acrylic glass. The scraping edges are then sharpened by diamond polishing for effective use on icy windshields.

The generous thickness, the sharp edges and the plough shaped blade contributes to an efficient scraping power and gives easy access to narrow corners on designed car windows.

Ergonomic design with a central hole offering a quick finger grip. You can use both sides for scraping; the plough shaped upper side is perfect for frost or easy ice, while the straight side at the bottom is recommended to be used -if necessary with both hands- on firm ice.

You can also remove snow and ice from the windshield wipers by carefully pulling the specially designed slot over the rubber blades.

This model is equipped with a tailor made hand holder in temperature isolating Neoprene material offering a more comfortable grip and also keeping your hand warmer while scraping.

The Swedish Ice Scraper® is developed and tested under cold conditions for more than five winter seasons in the Alps and the north of Sweden.


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Publicerad: 17 oktober, 2015 20:36

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